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e53078ce-6773-4195-b5f3-d5bfd6ee48d1Dress - Chicwish | White Heels - Payless | Purse - Aldo | Earrings - Express | Flower Crown - Courtesy of the lovely Kimmy!

Last weekend I got an early start to V-Day spending time with Temi and Mariam of Table Manners Aside, and they were nice enough to share their delicious cakes with Kimmy (Hello Kim Win) and I (check out this yummy recipe on Table Manners Aside). I was torn between baby pink and deep red this year, and decided to go with the former keeping it playful in this fluffy dress. It perfectly matched the afternoon well spent with my girls - goofing around, taking pictures, and eating way too many lava cakes!

I've been completely immersed in work lately, to the extent where I had dreams about data analysis! Imagine that! That's when I realized I needed a break, lol. It feels so good getting some time off to celebrate Valentine's Day, and catch up with you guys! I'd love to know how you're spending the day, leave a comment or send me an email letting me know. :)

On my end, I plan on spreading as much love as I possibly can with those I cherish the most, and catching up on SLEEP later on. I won't lie, never have I needed a long weekend this badly, lol.

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day! <3

Stay Smart; Stay Beautiful,