Tea Party!

Tea Party!

IMG_1506 Unfortunately, I'm quite ill as I write this, I have the flu. However, one thing I have learnt to appreciate is the healing power of tea! Nothing beats a cup of mint tea after a long day. I was incessantly coughing all day yesterday, and decided to make myself some before going to bed. It immediately helped with the cough and congestion due to its cool and refreshing flavor. I slept like a baby afterwards. :)


Besides mint, I enjoy other tea flavors - lemon, green tea, English breakfast etc. In order to make my teatime more sweet, I added hand made paper strings to the tea bags. I pretty much just cut out decorative paper, glued them together using a glue stick, sewed them together (similar to how I sew in buttons) and attached them to the teabags using the same needle and thread. Not bad, right? I think this serves as a great idea for parties and weddings as well!



    If you have any recommendations on tea flavors, please let me know!

Thanks for reading - Onivie xo!