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Dress - Ofuure (exact) | Sandals - Boutique in Mexico (similar) | Bracelet - Aldo (old) | Earrings - Forever 21

"In all seasons, God's got you."

This has been the quote of my week for multiple reasons. I'm currently going through a phase in life where there's a lot of uncertainty and I find myself at times having a hard time dealing with the unknown. The sermon this passed Sunday, was about trusting God in seasons of confusion and it deeply resonated with me. I thought I'd share this reminder on here because it's extremely important to remember that regardless of what you're going through, you will be fine and it will all work out. Let's remind ourselves everyday to trust in the process, and trust God on the journey. <3

On another note, is it me or did it feel like Winter in Seattle was never going to end. I'm so glad Spring is finally here! Top of my mind during this season is clearing out my closet and donating/selling clothes I no longer wear that are taking up way too much space. I think this will be the first time I'm actually having a "spring cleaning" and I'm looking forward to having a more cohesive closet. Another thing I'm looking forward to is finally going to the Tulip Festival in April! I've missed it twice since moving to Seattle, and so this year I'm determined to make it down to Skagit Valley before they're all gone.

Kicking off this season with this lovely lovelyyy dress by Ofuure. Ofuure's easily one my favorite brands! They always have the best print for their clothes, with fitting modern cuts. This dress is super versatile and can be worn in a number of different ways, so expect to see it more of it on here while the sun is out! I decided to go for a wide-sleeved look for this shoot, and I love the way the plants in the Volunteer Park Conservatory perfectly complement the richness of the print. The conservatory is a greenhouse with a different type of plants in every corner, which made shooting there a dream!

What are you looking forward to this season? Comment below, I'd love to know!

Stay Smart, Stay Beautiful;