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 Having grown up in the northern part of Nigeria, I am expectedly quite attached to that culture, particularly the fashion! This outfit is more of a fusion of kaftan and dress with a hint of Arabic influence. I usually do not wear this color palette, but as soon as I looked through the pieces my mother so graciously brought during her last visit, I couldn't resist. It is unlike anything I have ever worn! I wore this to church on a cloudy Sunday in Seattle but I can picture myself in it with the right pair of heels at a gala or fancy dinner!

What I love about the kaftan is just how versatile it is and the different variations it comes in based on several cultures around the world - from Nigeria to Southeast Asia! What's even more fascinating is the twists these cultures add to it and the preserved elegance. (:











After church, we stopped at Toulouse Petit, which is a New Orleans influenced dining room with Cajun/Creole cuisine. The atmosphere was really cozy and unique (a must for me), the food was AMAZING! I usually try not to overly hype up reviews to avoid scaling up expectations but honestly, everything we had (the Dungeness Crab with Fine Herbes and the Shrimp and Chicken Jambalaya) was simply delicious! If you are ever in Queen Anne, I suggest stopping by.



IMG_1594-- Kaftan Dress - Made in Nigeria || Black Flats - Payless || Clutch - Express --

Thank you for reading! I hope your week feels like a breeze! :D

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