"be softer with you. You are a breathing thing. A memory to someone. A home to life"

A short post today, going back in time to the start of Spring. What better way to celebrate Flashback Friday and of course the beginning of the weekend!



On the topic of Spring, it's a little typical to expect its start to come with the mindset to revamps one's life at that very moment, but I'm starting to realize that that type of change and evolution of self is rather continuous. Lately I've been working on embracing this and allowing myself bloom at my own unique pace which could be quite hard in the very fast paced and competitive world we live in. You hear phrases like "keep it real", "stay true to yourself", "do you, boo" etc, and although they may come off as cliche, being who and what you are is the most natural thing there is and is probably the easier option (being someone else is significantly more work). To suppress it, is to stunt personal growth, and to allow for fear to brew. Hence the title of this post..

Blooming to me means appreciating where you are in life, being content with what you've been giving to work with, aspiring to be the best version of yourself, overcoming challenges and going with the flow. It means to be truly free and accepting. And like flowers grow and bloom through dirt, sometimes it is the challenges you face that allow you embrace this process with kindness for oneself.


16275389494_f031b6101b_oDress, Purse, Necklace: Free People | Flower Crown - Claire's | Shoes - Aldo

Moral of my little story today is, you ought not to wait for the fireworks to go off at New Year's Eve, or for the bloom of flowers at the start of Spring to reflect and rehabilitate. Transformation and growth happens everyday, so pay attention and take it all in with acceptance. :)

Happy Friday!

Stay Smart; Stay Beautiful,