IAMISIGO is a Nigerian women's wear label that seeks to create an awareness of how African culture can be fused with designs from all over the world. As you may already know, I'm fascinated by designers who are able to fuse fashion from different cultures, particularly African fashion and the modern day wear. What's even more interesting about this White Noise collection IAMISIGO is the strike at minimalism and simplicity while maintaining an African feel - talk about juxtaposition!





According to the designer, White Noise is inspired by the beauty of random signals with the power of time series distributed over different frequencies. The synergy in which algorithms are used to create digital images that bring about the pixels of a "white noise image" which are typically arranged in rectangular grid, and are assumed to be independent random variables with uniform probability distribution over some interval.

The technicality of the inspiration behind this collection and the attention to detail gets the geeky part of me excited!






Hope this spark of creativity brightened up your day! I know it did mine. (:

Check out IAMISIGO, here.

Stay Smart; Stay Beautiful,