gf13Dress - Grass-fields | Headwrap and Jewelry - Fanm Djanm | Sandals - Local Market

I am so excited to share the start of these series I have been working on with you all! I got inspired a few months ago to start a fashion fusion series, while watching The First Monday in May which is easily one of my favorite Fashion documentaries. It follows the creation of The MET's  most attended fashion exhibition in history - China: Through the Looking Glass, an exploration of Chinese inspired Western pieces by Costume Institute creator, Andrew Bolton. Watching it gave me pure euphoria, and I encourage everyone to watch it regardless of whether you're involved in Fashion or not. It makes a very good case of fashion as art, and gives a lot of insight into the amount of work, creativity, collaboration and vulnerability that goes into pulling off a show at that scale.

While watching this documentary, I realized that a lot of fashion fusions tend to include specific culture (like China or an African country) meeting western fashion, and I wondered what style would look like if it took a different form and highlighted the harmony of pieces from different cultures. And with that thought, this series was born. I'm kicking off this series with an Afro-Caribbean tale.

The idea to style an Afro-Caribbean themed shoot stemmed from my obsession with a Colombian TV series, La Esclava Blanca, which tells the story of slavery in that era with a love story tied in (check it out on Netflix if you're interested! :D ). The fashion and set in this telenovela is outstanding! I was fascinated by the Spanish dresses, the prints, the warm tones, and floral themes. I also found it interesting how the Afro-caribbean ladies dressed in Spanish dresses made out of African prints, as though to tell the story of this merge, with the prettiest head-wraps and jewelry. When I found the Meria dress on Grassfields, it was a match made in heaven! It embodied just what I was looking for, and the company itself has a lot of creatively designed African inspired dresses. Unfortunately this dress is no longer available on their site, but be sure to check out their other pieces!

I also had the pleasure to work with Truong Nguyen, an amazing photographer based here in Seattle. Working with Truong was such a delight! I felt so inspired by his story, his varied talents and how quickly he got my vision! Check out more of his work here. :)

Thank you all for reading today, and stay tuned for more from this series!

Stay Smart; Stay Beautiful,


Creative Director/Stylist/Model - The Nerdly Beautiful
Hair & Makeup - The Nerdly Beautiful
Photographer - Truong Nguyen