I've always found denim pants utterly uncomfortable but something's different this Fall. It feels like this first time I've actually been into styling denim pants and I partly ascribe this to the cuts and style of pants that are in this season, from culottes to mom jeans, I'm here for all of it!

Pairing this top with this pair of jeans was rather impromptu. I was in Boston for a week earlier on this month, and I originally planned on wearing this beautifully patched denim mixed with lace top, with a matching pair of pants. It was going to be perfect, right? Right.

The pants ended up being too large, and with limited options while being away from home, my best friend gave me this pair she got from Poshmark to try on (thanks mam!), and they ended up being a great fit. I'm super excited about them, because it takes me forever to find the right pair of mom jeans, but outside of lucking out with thrift stores, I've been able to find a few ones online more recently, which I've linked above. You're welcome love <3

Overall, I loved how comfortable this outfit was. We spent a good chunk of the day walking around Newbury Street, and literally felt like I was wearing PJs!

Stay Smart; Stay Beautiful,