Taking a trip down a pleasant memory lane today to a weekend spent in LA with my sisters and best friend late March. I love everything about the beach from dipping my feet in the water [since I can't swim :( ] to soaking in the sun! It feels like forever since I've been at a real beach (no offense to the beaches in the Seattle area) plus I'm due for another getaway/reunion with my favorites. :)



We spent a chunk of our day at the beach, but also got to explore Venice - its little restaurants, local stores, and murals. It was such a sight with plenty to do! Later on that night, we went dancing downtown LA, and spent the following day exploring Beverly Hills. To be honest, LA itself is a little overrated in my opinion. Take away the stars and their history, and I don't see what else is there to it (perhaps, shopping?). I must say though, I appreciated the strong Hispanic/Latino influence and history, it was quite unexpected. Regardless, it was a great time, and I'm a believer in being able to make fun out of any situation with the right people. :D.



IMG_9811Beach Dress - Free People

Got to vlog little bits and bobs of our time there (check out video below), and felt like a "Youtuber" for the weekend. :D


 Thank you for reading, and have a lovely weekend!

Stay Smart; Stay Beautiful,