Jumpsuit - Anthropologie | Sandals - Long Tall Sally | Purse - Lekki Craft Market

This summer was simply the most eventful one I have ever had. It took me on such a ride, from highs to lows, as with most experiences in life. Reflecting on each experience I had, each city I visited, the family and friends I reconnected with and the people I met, the biggest lesson I learnt was that life does go on, and that there's so much life going on outside of our little bubbles. Before leaving Boston, I was worried about being home for 2 months, especially because I hadn't been home in close to 10 years. But I was fine. And home does change, and it had changed, but so had I. In many ways, it felt like the rekindling of an old love, and trying to meet each other halfway, with a renewed sense of my definition of home.

One of the highlights of my summer was shooting this jumpsuit I wore all summer long with the incredibly talented Obinna. The Jabi Boat Club was such a summer haven. The decor was so well done, and the vibe was perfect for a summer afternoon. We (Obinna, Ijeoma and I) had a great time exploring different angles and ideas on where to shoot, and by the end of the shoot, my belly hurt from laughing so hard. :D

Now that summer's coming to an end, it sort of feels like a birth is taking place. Some newness I'm aware of, and with others, I have no idea what to expect. As you may already know, I'm planning on moving away from traditional fashion blogging, to a different way of storytelling, and I'm yet to figure out what form this will take. Also, with the advent of my masters in Design, there are quite a number of uncertainties with how much time I'll have to blog, but I'm unexpectedly looking forward to seeing how things evolve, and exploring my creativity in a different way. I hope you stick around for the ride Xx..

As always, thank you so much for taking time out to read my blog today, and always remember to..

Stay Kind; Stay True; Stay Beautiful,


Photography: The lovely Obinna