Lagos felt like a bubbling pot of stew! I'm not sure why this was the first analogy that came to my mind, but you could feel the adrenaline rush everywhere we went. It was my first time really visiting Lagos, and although I found it a little too intense and only got to spend a few days there, I loved that it had so much to do and there was never a dull moment.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite spots on here as a record for myself, and incase you're ever in Lagos and need some tips on what to do <3



This restaurant was easily one of the best experiences I had in Lagos. The contemporary interior decor was beautiful and intimate with art from all over the continent, and their food was delicious and very well presented. We started off lunch with the Trio of Ofada Rice Balls (highly recommend!) and Sweet Potato Fries, and for our entrees, we had - Thiebou Jenn, and Amala with Ewedu (I usually don't like Amala, but it was so good!). We got their Pof Pof with Baobab & Chocolate Sauces for dessert, and it honestly wasn't the best in my opinion, but I think that was solely because of the chocolate sauce, I'm not a fan of chocolate :( but they had other great options on their dessert menu, like their Agege bread French toast, which I'd love to get next time. Also, shoutout to the Chef, Aho Yacynthe, who was nice enough to say hello to us after our meal, and take pictures. :)

sleepy but well-fed post lunch

sleepy but well-fed post lunch



Samantha's Bistro had the best oxtails and yam porridge I've ever had. Everything we had was so well done, and the space was quaint and cozy. I loved the Parisien vintage details in their decor, and their amazing customer service. Although I didn't get to try their coffee (which they're well known for), I've heard good things, and it's a great space to sit and relax over a good book, or to get some work done.

pizza with plantains and gizzards, unreal!

pizza with plantains and gizzards, unreal!



La Brioche was another quaint boutique restaurant with the most adorable little details. We had brunch there and the food was fresh, delicious, and decently priced. I also loved their chai tea latte! 


Southern sun is a hotel in Lagos, but on Sundays they have the best buffet with a great variety of food ranging from Nigerian food to cuisines from other cultures. They also offer unlimited champagne, need I say more? :D. Highly recommend! 




Surprise performance by Di'ja :)

We went to Bogobiri Thursday evening for their weekly Thursday open mics, and I simply loved the vibe. It felt down-to-earth and intimate. The band, poets, singers and entertainers were overall great story tellers, and were amazingly talented. They also had the best cocktails and delicious food. I'd love to go back when next I'm in Lagos, and I highly recommend it as well. :)



Terra Kulture is a great place for fellow lovers of art, design, fashion, language, film, music, culinary, culture and the list goes on. They have a series of events there as well every now and then, from plays (like FELA and the Kalakuta Queens that was showing earlier this year) to concerts. On the night we went, we had amazing cocktails, and were pleasantly surprised by a Falz concert!




I didn't get to take pictures while we were here, but in addition to visiting the mall, and watching movies at the cinema, they had the most delicious shawarmas! They completely transformed my movie-watching experience and kept me coming back for more. We also got to see Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, which left me on a high for a while, sigh :). I absolutely loved everything about it. The art direction, the music, the cast, the characters, and the list goes on. If you enjoy musicals, or are a fan of ABBA, I'd highly recommend seeing it. <3



a basket purse I picked up from the craft market :)

a basket purse I picked up from the craft market :)

Last, but definitely not least - the Lekki Craft and Art Market! It was a great place to explore and see all sorts of African Fabrics, souvenirs, affordable artworks and masks from different cultures and tribes. Growing up, I detested going to markets, but I loved every bit of my time here. There was so much to see, great music playing while I explored, and everyone was really friendly. I highly recommend visiting the market as well, and don't forget to bargain to get the best deals. :)


all photos shot on my iPhone <3


As always, thank you for reading. I hope this mini-compilation has been helpful. :)


Stay True, Stay Kind; Stay Beautiful,

- Onivie