Shirt Dress - Free People (similar) | Crossbody Bag - Anthropologie (Exact) | Sneakers - SuperGa (Exact)| Dream Builder Bracelet - Bird and Stone (15% off with code - NERDLYBEAUTIFUL)

Sometimes life hits you with situations that force you to look beyond the labels you've always tied yourself to. In the past, I have labeled my identity to "engineer", "computer scientist", "fashion enthusiast" etc, and whenever any of those labels got shaken for whatever reason, I would go into panic code, feeling like I was loosing a part of myself.

I've now become more intentional about focusing more on my journey to character and establishing my identities on fundamental characteristics I value, because really, our humanity is so much larger than the boxes society tries to force us into.

My sister recently described me as a creative architect, it was the first time I had ever heard that term, but I felt so humbled that she saw me as someone who can take an idea from start to finish, and what are the odds that right around this period, the lovely people at Bird and Stone, reached out and sent me this beautiful bracelet that says "Dream Builder". Perhaps this be a message from the universe that I'm on the right track? :)

I love that Bird and Stone was founded on the idea that brands can serve as a powerful tool in impacting change. In addition to ensuring their jewelry is made ethically, a portion of their profits are donated  to organization centered around important causes like - Girls Education and Women Health, causes I also care deeply about.

In addition to philanthropy, I love the jewelry they sell and the messages they have on them. Wearing this bracelet felt like such a strong affirmation in seeing myself as a dream builder, and remembering that in moments where I have self doubt.

I'm so excited to be partnering with this amazing company! If you're interested in purchasing any of their lovely bracelets for yourself or as a gift during this holiday season, use NERDLYBEAUTIFUL while checking out to get 15% off your purchase!

Stay Smart; Stay Beautiful,